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Santiago Caicedo, Powerpaola – Colombia, 2017, 96 min – Recommended ages 14+

Adapted from the graphic novel memoir by Colombian-Ecuadorian cartoonist Powerpaola, Virus Tropical is a thoughtful and deeply affecting coming-of-age story that begins on the night Paola is conceived – in a stylized but anatomically complete sequence that sets the tone for the film’s matter-of-fact exploration of sexuality and family – and ends with her striking out on her own as a young adult. Over the intervening years we accompany Paola, the youngest of three daughters raised by a mostly single mom, as she gropes and fumbles her way through friendships, new schools, clunky romances, and various domestic dramas. Scrappy DIY black and white animation and lo-fi Latin-indie score lend a lovingly idiosyncratic charm to a film that brings forth a unique and utterly refreshing girl’s POV perspective. By the end you have formed a gentle intimacy with this family and are happy to have spent time together. Comment: Film contains frank depictions of nudity, sex, childbirth, and recreational drug use Festivals – Lison Hervé – [email protected] Executive Producer – Carolina Barrera – [email protected] Acquisitions – Inge de Leeuw – [email protected] Sales – Rafaëlle Lalé – [email protected] Communications Director: Jaime Manrique – [email protected] Press officer: Angela Canizalez – 310 3492415/313 4660515 – [email protected] Media coordinator: Catalina Sierra – 301 7864206 – [email protected] Tels Bogotá: (57 1) 2 321857 – 300 18 47 – 300 18 48 @powerpaola #ContagioInminente

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